Benefits of Buying Used Appliances 

Buying new appliances for your home is exciting. The problem is that we only have a limited budget and we can’t have all we want. We can scour the supermarkets and hunt for discounts, but it can be a futile effort for discounts on appliances are usually only small.

One option we can go for is to buy a used appliances. If you are not entirely sold on this idea, let me share with you the advantages of buying used appliances.



1. Prices are Negotiable

If you are buying appliances in a department store, you have to pay for exactly what is the price, or if you are lucky and know the sales agent, you can only get around 10 to 20 percent. That is usually their commission or bonus for selling, and they are giving it away to reach their quota.

Meanwhile, if you are buying used appliances, you can still negotiate with the owner or the sales representative. There is a high chance that the store is listing the particular item for a higher price so that they could have a cushion. The technique in buying used appliances is always to bargain, and ask for a lower price, then settle for a middle ground with the salesman.

2. You can find high-quality items

Another advantage of shopping at a used appliance store is that you come along with items that are not used. What I mean by this is that not all of the items that are found there are used, some of it just has minor dents or scratches that store owners can’t sell it in a department store. Others are just sold in these used appliance stores because of the simple reason that there are new models in the market and they want to replace the first one.

With this knowledge, we can conclude that there are high-quality items in a used appliances store, we just have to know on how to select properly. To select properly, however, is a difficult thing especially if you don’t have technical knowledge about appliances. That is why it is a good idea to hire an ‘expert’ or someone that is knowledgeable about appliances; they know what and where to look for to determine if an item is good or not. You can pay him 50 dollars or so, but this extra investment can is very worth it in buying a high-quality appliance at a bargain price.

3. You can Help the Environment

We are all aware of Global Warming, and the ever declining condition of our environment. By buying used appliances, we are recycling and give a second chance to appliances that can still give service to us. We can reduce the number of appliances that are being dumped in the landfills that contain toxic chemicals, which eventually goes down the soil and has the chance of running off and mixing with our water.


When we buy used appliances smartly, we can have appliances that are high-quality for a bargain price. We are also helping the environment by maximizing the life and usefulness that is still found in a used appliance.